Honda CB 400 Super Four VTEC

Honda CB400 Super Four pleases motorcyclists the excellent road performance and constant reliability long years. In 1999 Honda releases cardinally reconsidered in the technical plan, but all the same « old kind » Honda CB400SF Hyper Vtec! It's great to insure such motorcycle in Minneapolis, MN through United Insurance Brokers. This classical motorcycle has personified the most advanced tendencies in propulsion engineering. There is the motor on it in which up to the certain rpm 2 valves are involved is established and after 7000 rpm 4 valves on the cylinder that allocates a 400 cm3  motorcycle with draft 600 cm3 join all! Also on a motorcycle carburetors with the gauge of position throttle blade and 32 bit switchboard which considerably improve dynamics and fuel profitability are inserted! CB400 Vtec has kept classical configuration of the progenitor, but at design and equipment there is a weight of modern strokes. It’s the multireflex headlight and completely the electronic instrument panel, also on a motorcycle there are inserted the "gold" four-piston brakes Nissin similar sportbikes of the company. At a motorcycle very saturated color scale in which is both bright and quiet dark tone. Owing to it the motorcycle looks solidly and richly despite of its displacement!

The motorcycle is very good on the move, present and reliability feels literally in all parts. Dynamics is not for extremals, but is quite good. If the motorcycle for pleasant trips to the pleasure is necessary it is your choice but don't forget to insure your moto in Minneapolis, MN through United Insurance Brokers! Honda CB400SF-V invariable keeps in leaders of sales in Japan, and also it is delivered by "grey" dealers to Germany, Australia, and the USA where it uses the deserved glory.

The motorcycle has a number of conclusive advantages: in the first it is one of the best motorcycles on a ratio the price-quality-liquidity, in the second it’s easier to buy on auctions CB400SF-V in an excellent condition, than schoolmates of other models, owing to the significant offer! Honda CB400SF Hyper Vtec is a good choice for you. 

  2. Updating BC-NC39
  3. The Equipped weight 188 kg (414.5 lb) 
  4. Dry weight  168 kg (370.4 lb)
  5. Engine NC23E 4 cylinders, DOHC4 Hyper VTEC
  6. Working displacement: (cm 3) 399
  7.  Diameter of cylinder H a course of the piston (mm) 55.0* 42.0
  8.  The compression 11.3
  9. Power at rev/min (PS /rpm) 53/11.000
  10. Max torque at rev/min (Nm/rpm) 39/9,500
  11. A way on 1 liter (Km/L) at 60km/h  37
  12. The Reserve of a tank  3.8 L (1.004 gal) 
  13. A tank displacement  18 L (4.755 gal) 
  14. Transmission: 6 step
  15. 1-st 3.307
  16. 2-nd 2.294
  17. 3-rd 1.75
  18. 4-th 1.421
  19. 5-th 1.24
  20. 6-th 1.13
  21. The Inclination of a steering column/start 25°15/89 mm
  22. The Forewheel 120/60/ZR17 (55W)
  23. The Rear wheel 160/60/ZR17 (69W)

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